Technical Documents

DecoTurf provides expert technical documentation for all of our tennis court, basketball court, hockey, and sports surfaces.  We understand the specification requirements of architects and installers.  All pertinent information is listed here to provide an outstanding experience installing any DecoTurf acrylic surfaces.


DecoTurf on Concrete
DecoTurf on Asphalt
DecoColor on Concrete
DecoColor on Asphalt
Acrylotex on Concrete
Acrylotex on Asphalt
Street Ice on Concrete
Street Ice on Asphalt


Acrylic Resurfacer
Concrete Preparer
Court Patch Binder
Crack Filler
Deco Base I
Deco Color MP Classic
Deco Color Plus
Deco Base II
Deco Turf II
Hi Hide Line Paint
Street Ice
Ti Coat
Wipe-Out® California Stain Block

CSI Formatted Specs:

Street Ice

Dimensional Diagrams:

Pickleball Court
Badminton Court
High School Basketball Court
NBA Basketball Court
Bocce Court
Hockey Rink
Volleyball Court
Tennis Court
Multiple Tennis Courts

Safety & Compliance:

CSPIA General Conformity
Synthetic vs Natural Latex Reaction
Leaching Test on DecoColor
Bubbles-Suds on Tennis Court

GHS Compliant SDS’s:

Acrylic Primer
Acrylic Resurfacer
Acrylic Resurfacer Netural
CPC Binders
Concrete Preparer
Court Patch Binder
Crack Filler
DecoBase I 
Decocolor MP Classic
Deco Color Plus
Deco Base II
DecoTurf Color Base Filler
Deco Turf II
Line Paint White
Line Paint Colors
Line Rite
Prime Choice™ Universal Primer
Street Ice
Ti Coat Component A
Ti Coat Component B