Basketball Court Maintenance Guide

DecoTurf, DecoColor and Acrylotex basketball court surfaces require minimal maintenance to keep the surface in top condition.  Unlike other basketball surfaces that require regular watering, rolling, or sweeping, our basketball court surfaces will look and perform like new by following these simple steps.

Keep Surface Clean

Regularly sweep or blow leaves, dirt and other refuse from the surface.  Things such as dirt, leaves, bird droppings and pine needles can lead to premature deterioration of your tennis court surface.

Keep Surface Dry

After rainstorms or after cleaning the court, take care to dry the surface thoroughly before playing.  Do not allow water to puddle.  You should also be careful not to over-irrigate around the edges of your court.

Clean Surface Regularly

We recommend you give your court a thorough cleaning once per month.  For mold, mildew or other stains we recommend a mild household cleaner, such dish detergent.  For tougher stains, we recommend TSP (tri-sodium phosphate), a cleaner which should be available at most local hardware stores.  Be sure not to use any cleaner with abrasives, as they may mar the finish.  For truly stubborn stains, clean with a diluted household bleach solution (4 parts water- 1 part bleach), but be sure to rinse the entire basketball court surface thoroughly after cleaning!

Maintenance Equipment

  • Soft cloth, sponge or soft-bristled brush.
  • High pressured hose nozzle or pressure washer with a maximum recommended psi of 300 to 500.

  • Soft-bristled broom or leaf blower.
  • Floor cleaning machine with Soft-bristled attachments.


  • Do not use hard –bristled attachments, brushes or brooms.
  • If using a machine, move in a straight line and do not turn wheels sharply.

  • Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, pumice or other abrasives.
  • For a complete description of basketball court maintenance and repair problems, refer to the American Sports Builders Association Basketball Court Construction Guidelines.

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      “The hardcourt of choice is the Pro DecoTurf system. This surface is selected for its consistency, ease of maintenance & durability.  It offers the ability to control the courts’ footing and ball speed.”
      “Resurfacing the Open: A Yearly Ritual”, The New York Times