Basketball Surface Options

DecoTurf has built its reputation by manufacturing the highest quality basketball court surfaces for all project types, from prestigious tournaments to a private residence court surfaces. DecoTurf and DecoColor are known for their consistent speed of play, true ball bounce, durability, low maintenance, vibrant long lasting colors, and overall customer value.  Acrylotex offers a durable and decorative acrylic surface ideal for public and private courts.

DecoTurf basketball court surfaces are unmatched in providing a full depth resilient sports surface. Its multi-layer cushioned basketball surface provides maximum player comfort with exceptional performance. DecoTurf basketball court surfacing installation techniques create the speed of play you desire and a textured acrylic surface that is highly resistant to weather and ultraviolet degradation.

DecoTurf has authorized applicator partners around the globe that are trained to install the most recognized sport surface system in the world on either asphalt or concrete sub-bases.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest quality products, exceptional long term performance, ease of maintenance, competitively priced, and outstanding service.
  • Manufactured with post-industrial recycled materials.
  • 100% acrylic resins and select SBR rubber granules reduce shock absorption of DecoTurf basketball surfaces.

  • Extremely durable, designed to wear well under continuous basketball play.
  • Provides exceptional protection to concrete and asphalt basketball surfaces.
  • More economical choice than tile or rubber mat basketball systems.

DecoColor basketball court surfaces are for people that don’t playwith the pros, but aspire to play like them. Only minor maintenance is necessary to keep the DecoColor basketball surfaces in top condition and looking great for years, and unlike clay or synthetic courts, DecoColor basketball court surfacing does not require regular watering, rolling or sweeping. Just grab a basketball any time of year and go!

Features and Benefits

  • Deep rich pigments create vivid long lasting colors.
  • Engineered to resist ultraviolet degradation and severe weather conditions.
  • Minimal maintenance.

  • May qualify for LEED SS Credit 7.1.

Acrylotex Sport Coating

Acrylotex is a unique, durable acrylic coating ideal for basketball courts installed on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Acrylotex provides a medium texture, non-skid surface for medium to high use basketball courts. Acrylotex is fully pigmented to provide aesthetically pleasing colors to blend with surrounding areas.

Acrylotex is an easy and cost effective basketball court surface option.  Current basketball courts can also be revitalized with a simple recoat of Acrylotex.

Features and Benefits

  • Attractive and very durable 100% acrylic coating
  • Superior adhesion.
  • Resistant to flaking and peeling.

  • Resistant to fading from ultraviolet exposure.
  • Non toxic and safe for plants and animals.

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