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Why DecoTurf?

Starting your athletic court project is easy with DecoTurf.  We have tennis, basketball, multi-sport and decorative acrylic surfaces for every project type, athlete and budget.

Features and Benefits

DecoTurf has built its reputation by manufacturing the highest quality tennis court surfaces and providing the best customer service and sales support in the industry.  Our acrylic surfaces are ideal for all types of installations, from the hot lights of a grand slam tournament to the cool shade of a backyard court.

  • DecoTurf is the surface of choice for more professional tournaments than any other surface.
  • DecoTurf is ideal for tennis and health clubs as the Official Surface of the Professional Tennis Registry.
  • DecoTurf and DecoColor have been designated as Official Surfaces of the USA Pickleball Association.
  • DecoColor and DecoTurf have been rated by the ITF in three different Surface Pace categories to satisfy tennis players of all styles and skill levels.
  • The Intercollegiate Tennis Association has designated DecoTurf as an Official Surface of the ITA.
  • The StreetIce system is ideal for roller courts and multi-sport use.
  • Acrylotex decorative coating is a versatile surface for use on driveways, walkways and even multi-sport surfaces.

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DecoTurf is a brand of California Sports Surfaces

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