Tennis Court Surfaces Overview

DecoTurf offers a variety of tennis court surfaces to suit your needs, from the cushioned DecoTurf system to the convenient DecoColor system.

Features and Benefits

  • Twelve vibrant colors offer a whole range of possibilities for your court.
  • Our tennis surfaces are classified in three ITF Court Pace Rating categories.
  • Our acrylic surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

  • DecoTurf’s resilient cushion takes the pressure off of your body without changing the bounce of the game.
  • Tennis court surfaces suitable to endure the toughest conditions, from the Arizona sun to the harsh winters of Quebec.

Surface Options

DecoTurf is a multilayered, resilient cushioning system for tennis court surfaces.

DecoColor is a high-quality, consistent acrylic tennis court surface.


Our Tennis Courts – Installed Around the World

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      “The hardcourt of choice is the Pro DecoTurf system. This surface is selected for its consistency, ease of maintenance & durability.  It offers the ability to control the courts’ footing and ball speed.”
      “Resurfacing the Open: A Yearly Ritual”, The New York Times

    • Deco courts are rated in
      ITF classifications.

      2= MEDIUM-SLOW
      3= MEDIUM,
      4= MEDIUM-FAST


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